Hostage International seminars

Hostage International seminars are aimed at providing an insight into the experience and needs of families during a kidnap incident. These needs are examined from the perspective of a variety of stakeholders with a view to helping organisations understand how best to support families during an incident and hostages on their return.

Kidnapping is a significant risk for a growing range of organisations – from multinational corporations and faith-based organisations, to humanitarian and aid agencies and educational institutions.
Many have well developed plans and policies in place to address staff and contractor safety and they may have access to kidnap response consultants to help them resolve a kidnap, should it occur.
However, few have thought through in detail how they will support the hostage’s family, what that interaction should look like and what the needs of the family might be. They may not have established how this support will be delivered and by whom, and who will support the family liaison officers through an emotionally distressing assignment. Fewer still have policies for hostage reintegration, covering challenges such as reunification with family, return to work and the myriad physical and mental health problems they will need to overcome.

Our seminar participants hear about best practice in family support from the perspectives of former hostages and their families, Hostage International, senior representatives from organisations that have handled a staff kidnapping, representatives from the government, and leading mental health professionals who deal with the impacts of trauma.
Hostage International also holds masterclasses on topics such as media and social media, supporting children, hostage reintegration, and legal liabilities.

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